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16 June 2010, AM

Unit One

Unit One - Stalinism, 1941-53

Unit consists of - 
  • The War (click HERE to read about this!)
  • Post-War Stalinism (click HERE to read about this!)
Definition of Stalinism - HERE

Sample exam questions -
  • Stalin's leadership was the most significant reason for the Soviet victory over Germany in the 1941-45 war - assess the validity of this statement (from the spec paper)
  • To what extent, by 1953, has the USSR recovered from the social and economic impacts of the war?
  • Assess the relative importance of military and economic factors in securing the USSR's victory in the Great Patriotic War? (old A2, 2007)
  • An absolute tyrant, he tightened his hold on the Russian people and wielded more power than ever before  - How valid is this judgement of Stalin's rule from 1945-53?