Taking you through AQA A2 History of the Soviet Union in as little time and as little pain as possible... see you on results day!


16 June 2010, AM


An introduction to thematic questions and an explanation as to why you need to study thematically can be found HERE.

Themes covered -
Sample exam questions -
  • How was the failure to achieve effective economic reform between 1941 and 1991 responsible for the break-up of the USSR? (from the specification paper)
  • A period of stagnation followed by reform - how far is this a valid analysis of Soviet politics, 1964 to 1991
  • How important were national tensions between 1941 and 1991 in contributing to the break-up of the USSR?
  • To what extent did Stalinism outlive Stalin?
  • How successfully did the Communist Party maintain it's leading place within the Soviet Union between Stalin's death and the break up of the USSR?